Digital Format

8.00 €
The digital format is a pdf file that can be downloaded to your computer, tablet or smartphone.
The digital format is not suitable for printing.
Designed for the digital generation of readers and their 2.0 parents!

Printed format

24.50 € *
The printed format is a book of 22 cm by 21 cm.
The cover is made from Havana coloured ecological 470g cardboard with a window framing the title of the book.
The pages are 100% recycled chlorine free paper, produced with renewable energy, digitally printed with certified non-toxic, food-grade ink.
The book is bound with two white plastic rivets.

Every book is unique… unless you print another copy!

*shipping within the country selected at registration is included (if not logged-in, shipping within Italy is displayed by default).
Every second book, one shipping fee is discounted.

Gift box

3.00 €
The Dodini's gift box is made out from havana coloured 180g cardboard, with 4 snap-fit patches to close it.
The packaging is completed by a decorated paper band that not only keeps it well shut, but also guarantees unpacking suspence!
(Anyway, you can open the gift box, peek inside the package and re-close it without leaving evidence at all... )

Price: 24,50 € ( standard shipping in Italy included)
Price: 28,00 € (standard EU shipping included)
Price: 28,00 € + local taxes ( shipping in extra EU Europe and Mediterrean region)
Price: 29,50 € (standard worldwide shipping included; custom duties excluded)