How many photos do I need to personalize my own Dodino?
To personalize your own Dodini you can use a maximum of 6 photos. Each fairy tale has 5 to 6 customized illustrations with your child's face, but you can choose to use even less photos than that. We suggest you where to choose a head-on photo (where the child is facing head-on and is not looking up or down) and where to choose a ¾ head shot (the child’s face is turned slightly to right or left) and we do recommend you to follow the advice to get the best result. Other than this it will be up to you how many and which photos to use. Choose the funniest photos, whith your child's nicest looks: photos you’d rather pin up to your fridge, in your house. Enjoy yourself while choosing the best look for the situation pitched out by the illustration: you’ll be amazed by the result!
How long does it take?
Personalizing your Dodino it won’t take more than 10 minutes!
You can stop the customisation process at any time and resume it later: you will find every Dodino you’ve worked on in your profile section “My Dodini”, along with your completed orders (“My Orders”) which you’ll be able to edit, reprint or reorder in a different format anytime.
Can I use my phone or tablet to customise my Dodini?
You can personalize your Dodino from a desktop (PC or a laptop, it doesn’t matter) or from a tablet. We deactivated the phone personalization feature because you don’t want to go crazy trying to personalize your book from such a tiny screen! If the photos you wish to use are on your phone, no problem: access the website from your phone, upload the photos you need and then go to your desktop or tablet and start personalizing your book.
When am I about to receive my printed book?
Every 15 days we send the collected orders to be printed out, this makes us save on the printing costs: your Dodini's book is not a serial product, each copy is unique and special. This way we can actually keep low prices and, despite their unique and special nature, make the Dodini accessible to everyone. The standard shipment takes 6 to 8 days to be delivered worldwide. So you’ll be waiting on average 20 days to have your book delivered at home. Anyway we will be able to provide you more detailed information once you’ll complete your order. In order to speed up the process, you can choose a courier: this way the average waiting time it will be 14 days.
How can I redeem a voucher?
If you were givena a gift voucher or you hold a discount voucher, you just need to register on our website and start personalizing the book you prefer. At the end of the process, go to the check out and insert your voucher's code in the dedicated window: the value will be deducted from the total. If your voucher covers entirely the amount in your cart, your order will be shipped straight afterwards. If, instead, your voucher's value covers only a part of it, just pay the rest and your order will be completed. We use the Paypal service for payments, but if you don’t have an account don't worry! You can use your credit or debit card by simply selecting the option.
How can I use my digital book?
If you chose a digital Dodini, you will be able to read your book on your tablet, your PC or Smartphone. Once you’ve personalised your book and completed the order, go find your book in the section "My Orders" of your profile and download the pdf straight away. You can access your profile by clicking the icon "user", besides your name (menu bar, on the right), a drop-down menu will guide you through the sections. Access your profile from your phone or tablet and download the pdf directly on your device, or just save it on your PC and copy and paste it where ever you want. The digital Dodini is the perfect solution for long and tedious car trips, boring waiting times at the restaurant and whenever you are on holiday overloaded with luggage: bedtime stories have never been so easy to carry with you!
The Electronic Dodino is not suitable for print.
I want to buy many books, do I get a discount?
Every second book you buy, you get a discount depending on the country you are getting it shipped to. Anyway, if you want to buy more than 5 books at once (why don’t you meet up with friends and place an order together?) write us an email: we reserve special offers to special friends like you!