I Dodini are a collection of illustrated books you can personalize with the name and face of a child who becomes the real protagonist of the story.

Our adventure begins in 2010, thanks to the creativity of a grandmother who wrote stories for her newborn granddaughter Dodo: she made her not only the protagonist of the story, but also put her in the illustrations of her favorite books thanks to photoshop, she learned to use for the purpose.

Those home made first booklets collected such a huge success, that Dodo’s mom began to think they should become available for any kid to make their own. And so they did.

It took about two years, lots of work and a few mistakes, but in October 2015, finally i Dodini’s website was on line and since then anyone can make their own personalized child book.

Over two thousand books were personalized yet: some became paper books, others became digital books, and each one of them has made a kid happy.

Some others are to become the perfect and surprising gift for a child holding a special place in someone’s heart.

All of our personalized children’s books are suitable for boys and girls 0 to 7 years old, and are available in 5 languages (Italian, English, French, German and Portugues). I Dodini are made in Italy and shipped worldwide.


To personalise a child book at i Dodini is easy and fun, anyone can do it!

Have you ever stuck your face in one of those cardboard figures standing in amusement parks for people to take fun pictures? That’s exactly how i Dodini work: thanks to a few simple photo editing tools, you’ll be guided to fit a child’s picture into the oval of the illustrated character of the book, and make he or she the actual protagonist of the story!

  • Choose a username and a password and log in.
  • Choose the story that fits better your child, by selecting it in our Collection
    • CREATE YOUR BOOK: To personalize you book, you just need a few pictures of the child who’s becoming the protagonist of the story: select up to 10 photos and upload them from you computer, smartphone or tablet. Follow a few easy instructions to personalise the illustrations and see a preview of your book immediately. You can try experimenting different photos, go back, go forth and never loose your work: all the books you’ve worked on, will be saved in your personal area for you to go back to them at anytime!
    • OR
    • LET US DO IT!: fill in a form with the child’s name, upload up to 10 photos and we’ll do the work for you! (you’ll be charged an extra 6€ for the service)

Your personalised book will be delivered to your home or will be available for download in just a few minutes.

  • Choose the digital format (8€): download your book immediately and read it on all of your electronic devices.
  • Choose the printed format (28€, shipping in EU included): flip through an actual paper book and hold a precious keepsake forever.


We are pretty positive about what children’s literature should be like

We do believe children’s literature has a great dignity and isn’t in any matter subordinated to so-called adult’s literature.

We think children’s literature shouldn’t be afraid of using a vaste and “difficult” vocabulary, because kids don’t care about “easy words”, they want to be amazed, they want to learn. There little, not stupid: there’s really no point in treating them like they’re numb.

We do believe the educational value of children’s literature is in its own nature and it’s nothing you can pre-arrange: a good book is educational itself, regardless of what is it about.

We foster the idea that children’s literature should portray the world as it is, with the goods and the bads, the beauty and the ugliness, sometimes scary, sometimes reassuring.

If you agree to all the above, then you’d probably appreciate our books.